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Susan’s profession has been educating children. Her knowledge will improve the quality of the board’s decision making and ability to arrive at workable solutions resulting in positive outcomes for all students.

  • Experience with K-12 students in urban, rural and suburban public schools in several states
  • Currently licensed in elementary education and K-12 special education/learning disabilities/dyslexia
  • Adjunct faculty at community college level
  • Designed anti-bullying programs and programs to build self-esteem based on service learning
  • Tutored in Washtenaw county jail and the foster care system
  • Mentors teachers on literacy instruction methods and classroom management


Susan has learned that bringing people with diverse viewpoints together is The most effective way to make good things happen.

  • Leading effort to pass bipartisan reading/dyslexia legislation to improve screening, instruction, and teacher training – it passed the Michigan Senate
  • Former president of East Lansing School Board
  • Local union leader advocating for teacher support and resources
  • Legislative policy experience Michigan House of Representatives
  • State Board member – Reach Out and Read, partnering with pediatricians to improve literacy for children
  • 20 year coordinator of East Lansing’s city recycling event
  • Led effort to pass bond for E.L. Community and Aquatic Center
COMMUNITY ACTIVIST - Susan Schmidt A2 School Board


Anyone who knows Susan knows the passion, energy, and time she puts into any responsibility she accepts. Susan has a proven track record of getting things done.

  • Advocated successfully for $10 million of K-12 state funds for teacher literacy training
  • Created student “Make a Difference Club” to focus on literacy and collection of books for local medical clinics
  • Spearheaded “Thank You Healthcare Workers” effort to express gratitude and raise money for Ann Arbor foodbanks
  • Political activist since 1995 including Washtenaw Co. Precinct Delegate 2020 working to elect progressive Democratic candidates
"Susan Schmidt is a tireless advocate for students, educators and public schools. Her career in public education, service as a school board member and education policy work in the Michigan legislature are unparalleled assets needed on the Ann Arbor School Board."
Chris Thomas
Teacher and AAPS Parent
Susan Schmidt A2 School Board


“Susan’s professionalism and knowledge of the field of education has been evident throughout her career as a teacher. As my colleague at Scarlett Middle School I saw her focus on high standards and work every day to help each and every student strive to succeed.”

– Laura Morning, Special Ed Teacher, Scarlett Middle School

“I’ve known Susan for many years, and I know she takes the initiative to make a positive difference throughout the community. Whether it’s spearheading the “Thank you Healthcare Workers” signs effort and raising funds for Food Gathers, starting a Make a Difference Club to teach students at Scarlett about serving the community or working on the state level to lead the bi-partisan legislative effort to aid those with dyslexia and improve reading instruction for all kids, Susan gets things done!

– Betsy Stover, Ann Arbor resident

Ann arbor schools should continue to strive to give a high quality public education to each child. Here are some important issues that collectively need our attention:

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A safe & equitable environment

  • I support programs that teach the understanding of oneself and one’s peers in order to create a learning environment where all feel valued and safe. This applies not only to students and teachers, but to all members of the learning community.
  • I support providing a healthy learning environment for our children based on current scientific data relevant to the diverse population we serve. ​
  • I support creating a learning environment that celebrates diversity and that does not tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind.


  • I support continual efforts to staff classrooms with highly qualified teachers.
  • I support investing in resources and training to empower staff so they can continue to strive for excellence as they deliver educational programs for all students.
  • I support an effort to address interrupted learning with interventions grounded in evidence-based peer-reviewed research particularly in reading and writing skills.
  • I support an in depth look at instructional practices and curriculum materials related to low literacy rates.
  • I support a curriculum that gives students opportunities to explore the arts, athletics, and career and technical fields.
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Fiscal Responsibility

  • I support transparency and the use of peer-reviewed research when spending on educational materials, programs, and training.
  • I support focusing on relevant curricular needs, safety, and environmental sustainability as we spend tax dollars, especially school bond dollars, to renovate and build new facilities that will serve our district for years to come.
  • I support listening to community voices as decisions are made to expend money on educational resources and facilities.
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