“ As an adult that struggles with dyslexia, my work with Susan has changed my life. Her dedication and passion is evident as she worked to help me realize my potential. She will work hard for all kids so they can succeed academically and personally.”

“ I met Susan when I was tutoring a student recently diagnosed with dyslexia who had not had a lot of formal reading instruction. Susan invited me over to her home, showed me how she conducts her sessions, and offered me materials from her own personal library to help me and my student get started! Throughout my first year in AAPS Susan checked in every once in a while to see how the year was going, and made me aware of the LETRS training grant! It is clear that Susan cares deeply about fellow educators and will work hard to empower them to be effective at their work. Whether it’s connecting them to high quality training, advocating for resources they need, or mentoring teachers just entering the field, it is clear Susan is passionate about connecting educators to the best resources and tools to help all students succeed."

Susan Schmidt For Ann Arbor School Board
“This November, you’ll have four chances to enhance the Ann Arbor School Board. Susan Schmidt should be your first choice. The same qualities that make her an outstanding teacher will also be strong assets for her board service: her enthusiasm for learning and teaching and her exceptional communication skills. Susan’s intelligence and energy will ensure that every child in Ann Arbor Public Schools has access to the best resources. ”

“Susan is a strong and effective advocate for all children so that they have the skills they need to succeed. Her ability to bring people together, coupled with her expertise in the field of education, especially literacy, will benefit not only the Ann Arbor School Board but also the children attending the Ann Arbor schools.”

Susan Schmidt For Ann Arbor School Board
“We have full confidence in Susan’s abilities to make decisions that will be good for all kids. Her experience as a teacher of students with learning disabilities and her past work in urban settings gives her insight into the challenges students face everyday in the classroom. She will be effective working with all stakeholders to create a learning community that values all students.”

"Susan’s abilities to identify problems and work with others to find solutions is much needed on the Ann Arbor school board. Her energy and commitment to listen to stakeholders and fully engage with school board business will result in positive outcomes for all of our district’s children."

"I have worked with Susan over the past few years as she has spearheaded the effort to pass bi-partisan legislation that addresses dyslexia, improved reading instruction and teacher training. Susan’s collaborative skills have helped to move this legislation forward despite many obstacles. Her tenacity and work ethic is unmatched. I know she’ll bring her collaborative skills and energy to the work of the AAPS school board to advocate for all children. " Heather Eckner AAPS parent ​
Heather Eckner
AAPS parent
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